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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Happy Diwali Rangoli Designs and patterns

Rangoli is a reflection to our flexible and radiant Indian Culture, in each state we have a different way of drawing it. Rangoli refers to designs and patterns made on flooring with help of dust of different colors. according to our Hindu's beliefs they consider it to welcome diety Laxmi to their homes since Goddess Laxmi is the symbol of wealth and health. Apart from this Rangoli is an important component of decoration on special occasions in India.

How to Draw a Rangoli in Diwali 2014-

*You will need different ingredient to shape your Diwali Rangoli and they are- Colored Rice, Flower  Buds or Petals, flour (dry), Vermillion, turmeric and different color sands and Diyas.
*As we are planning to draw a Diwali Rangoli so certainly we are going to choose some common    phrases like Shubh Labh, Any related Hindu Deities Outlines, Cultural Symbols like peacock or  some floral design.
*As a newbie choosing a pattern for your Rangoli is not an easy thing, you probably should avoid      making it from scratch. For our such friends we have shared a big list of beautiful Happy Diwali  2014 Rangoli designs. 
*A clean floor as a board where you are going to draw it.

Rangoli has got different names in different states of India 
  • Mandana in Rajasthan,
  • Chowk Purna in Madhya Pradesh, 
  • Ossa in Orissa, 
  • Alpana in West Bengal, 
  • Kolam in Tamil Nadu, 
  • Puvidal in kerala, 
  • Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, 
  • Rangvalli in Maharashtra, 
  • Sathiya in Gujrat, 
  • Aripan in Bihar, 
  • Cowkpurana in Uttar Pradesh etc.

Top 10 Beautiful Freehand Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Happy Deepavali Rangoli Made of Flower Buds

A beautiful rangoli made of flower buds for Diwali celebration -
Om, Shubh Labh Diwali Rangoli Sample Pattern
Diwali Rangoli made of Color Dust and Sparkles Dust

Happy Diwali 2014 Rangoli Design Made with Diya n Colors

Ganesha Rangoli Design 2014
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Happy Diwali 2014 Rangoli Design


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